Sight-reading and more
Laguna Flutes began performing in Fall 2013 under the direction of Cynthia Ellis. This group has been part of the musical community of Southern California, affiliated with the Laguna Beach Concert Band for many years prior to her leadership as well as with Orange County Music and Dance during their history.
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Sight-reading and more

Sight-reading was fun last night! We are building our program around a theme of folk songs and nature…and we have picked out 4 works so far…There is one work that is not ‘on theme’ but has some fun tie-ins. So how do I choose music for the group? First of all, I always ask players if they like the music…life is too short to play music you dislike.  Secondly…is it at the group’s ability level? Can the group sound good after working on the technical demands? Will it be audience engaging…can I give them something to listen for that will enhance their concert experience? These are all the questions I ask when I build a program… all the while assessing the group’s level. 

We are always looking for new members at the start of a session…next rehearsal will be February 17 (it’s a holiday…easy traffic). Come join us! You have plenty of time before our May concerts. Recruitment is welcome! Ask your flute playing friends. 

Musically yours, 

Cindy Ellis